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Steve James

Geological and Data Mining

Steven L. James is a distinguished geologist whose career is marked by profound contributions to geological exploration and data mining. Graduating Cum Laude from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology, alongside minors in Mathematics and Computer Science, James has demonstrated an exceptional blend of academic excellence and practical expertise. His professional journey is a testament to his deep commitment to advancing the field of geology through innovative applications of technology.


James began his career within the oil and gas industry, initially as a co-owner of an operating company and subsequently as a Landman. This early exposure to the industry's multifaceted challenges laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. The downturn in oil prices in the mid-1980s catalyzed James's pivot to the technology sector, where he spent over two decades as an IT consultant specializing in hardware and software solutions. This period honed his technical skills and fostered a keen understanding of the interplay between technology and geology.


In 2005, James returned to the oil and gas sector with a renewed focus on the redevelopment of abandoned oil fields in the Central Kansas Uplift, particularly targeting the Arbuckle formation. His work in this area has been characterized by a strategic approach to re-evaluating and revitalizing underexploited resources. James has played a pivotal role in over 45 redevelopment projects, applying advanced computer mapping techniques to enhance exploration efforts and significantly reduce investment recovery times.


James's co-founding of GXStat LLC marked a significant advancement in the field of geological data mining. Utilizing proprietary geo-statistical software, James and his team have been able to integrate and analyze diverse geological datasets, from well tops to seismic data, to uncover new exploration opportunities. His co-authored publication in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) highlights the innovative use of big data to refine exploration strategies and improve the accuracy of hydrocarbon discovery.


Steven L. James's career is a compelling narrative of dedication to enhancing geological exploration through the integration of technology. His significant achievements in the field, especially in data mining and the redevelopment of oil reserves, underscore his standing as a leading figure in geology. James's work not only exemplifies the critical role of geoscientific expertise in resource management but also his enduring impact on the methodologies employed in contemporary geological research.

Steve James
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