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Symbiance of Technology

Efficiently combining technology to secure a changing environment through its affiliates and partners...

AXIOM EXPLORATION GROUP LTD. is an employee-owned private company with its corporate head office located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Established in 2011, AXIOM GROUP is a technology focused, vertically integrated, consulting firm providing a diverse set of technical services within, and integrated across, each of our three main divisions: Exploration, Geophysics & Geomatics, Environment & Energy Services. These core divisions are supported by our in-house R&D, AI, and ML technology.


Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry SIGMA Corp. S.R.L. Its mission is to preserve the health and well-being of the world population, through the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, within the framework of ethics and responsibility through efficient processes, cutting-edge technology, compliance with national and international standards, growing with social and environmental responsibility to contribute to a better world.

Its vision, to be a leading Bolivian company in the production of medicines and nutraceuticals, being a benchmark among the world's pharmaceutical industries, providing quality products and services at a fair price-value, with the commitment to achieve excellence in our processes, being Socially Responsible and protect the environment by applying sustainable development practices; with the participation of a competent and suitable human team, incorporating cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation for the benefit of all of society.


Medflow is a company coming out of 2 years of R&D in AI computer vision development for facial recognition biometrics, liveness detection, and other security-related features resulting in industry-leading benchmarks like 100ms face match with 99.8% accuracy with a focus on overcoming computer vision bias against darker ethnic faces. According to the researchers, facial recognition technologies falsely identified African American and Asian faces 10 to 100 times more often than they did white faces. The technologies also falsely identified women more than they did men—making African American women particularly vulnerable to algorithmic bias (Rauenzahn, 2021). The innovators behind Medflow trained their models to achieve 99.8% accuracy in extremely complex and typically hard to identify faces of color. This is combined with computer vision features to detect heart rate, stress indicators, breathing, and many other health markers without the assistance of hardware monitoring devices, with a mean accuracy and precision of 95% CI of 200 systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressure prediction models using only the camera on a cellphone based on results from a clinical study published with the American Heart Association.


Alles Is Committed To Empowering Intelligent Farming And Empowering Sustainable Food Supply

We believe food scarcity is a problem WITH a solution. By harnessing the right technology we can all build an adaptable ecosystem that addresses unique environments and challenges head on. Data has given us the road map to end hunger. You have the technology to grow, we have the technology to empower this growth. 


Micronex Systems Inc is a private Canadian company wholly owned by First American Scientific Corp (Incorporated on April 12, 1995, in the State of Nevada, USA).

First American Scientific Corp. (parent) invented, designed, and developed a unique grinding technology using Kinetic energy to Dry and Size a wide range of raw materials. The machine using this technology is called KDS Micronex™  and it has the capability to dry and size various feedstocks to a fine powder in one cost-effective step.

Micronex Systems Inc was formed on September 29, 2017, as a subsidiary of First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) to improve the brand recognition of the KDS Micronex. The company is the manufacturer and supplier of the KDS Micronex. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada less than one hour south-east of Vancouver.

At Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences, we specialize in innovative crop science to address current challenges to agriculture. We manufacture BountiGel® an eco-friendly, next-generation, super-absorbent soil amendment that holds large amounts of water in the root zone. Its patented double cross-linked structure and superior mechanical strength allow it to repeatedly absorb and release water to the root system for up to three years until it safely biodegrades.

Every clever idea starts with a problem. Ours was easy – gardening is not available to everyone. Everyone has the right to control their own food source. Almost 2 billion people
worldwide lack access to healthy food, which means that 25% of the world’s population
cannot effectively provide for their families.
We live in a world where too many of us take the food we consume for granted; and at the
same time, most of us live in fear of what we might be doing to ourselves with what we eat.  As
the modern world has embraced convenience, it has come at the cost of our health and a steep
loss of control.  It says something when it is common knowledge that much of the food
consumed in North America is:

 Unsustainable
 Draining on the environment
 Highly processed
 Contains preservatives, fillers, and other additives
 Has a massive carbon footprint.
 AND has been exposed to unspeakable amounts of pathogens, radiation, and chemical
cleaning agents.

It isn’t surprising that an increasing number of people from highly developed countries like the
U.S. and Canada are suffering from the after-effects of their food and are even plagued with the
same nutritional issues as undeveloped countries.

At ENTEXS we are focused on developing technology to automate and optimize CBD extraction and refinement.  From our class-leading THC Remediation solution, the RMD-T Series, to our Automated Extraction and Distillation Systems.  ENTEXS can enable your lab to efficiently produce the highest quality products.

Our team understands that each customer’s extraction needs are unique. With in-house engineering and manufacturing, we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs. Proudly made in the USA, our systems address extraction process bottlenecks with truly hands-free automated systems.


KRTL GREEN ALLIANCE's mission is to revitalize communities by providing for and non-profit infrastructure, introducing renewable energy, green technology, incorporating smart city methodology, and promoting social equity.


Through our experience, KRTL GREEN ALLIANCE will promote green construction methods, attract investments, build wealth, and encourage the sustainability of the 2030 agenda.

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