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Carbon Neutral AG Sciences


KRTL International Corp. has partnered with Carbon Neutral AG Sciences to bring its clients this innovative technology.

At Carbon Neutral AG Sciences, we specialize in innovative crop science to address current challenges to agriculture. We manufacture BountiGel® an eco-friendly, next-generation, super-absorbent soil amendment that holds copious amounts of water in the root zone. Its patented double cross-linked structure and superior mechanical strength allow it to repeatedly absorb and release water to the root system for up to three years until it safely biodegrades.

The company brings you a proprietary, next-generation hydrophilic polymer called BountiGel that can hold 250 times its weight in water and is used as an agricultural soil amendment.  The product holds excess water near the seeds or roots and releases it as the soil dries out, resulting in less plant stress and significantly higher crop yields – – while reducing water and fertilizer needs.  BountiGel can also improve nutrient management, reduce runoff, and soil erosion.  Contains no polyacrylamide, making it eco-friendly.  Available in 2 forms: BountiGel G (granular), and BountiGel P (powdered)

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