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KRTL International has teamed up with AXIOM EXPLORATION GROUP LTD. and will be working together on specific projects, providing AXIOM's incredible technology to transform industries that KRTL is involved in.  KRTL International Corp assisted its partner, Fortune, Nickel, and Gold Inc., successfully advance the exploration on its Gowan and Beck-Ottaway Properties in Ontario through the services of Axiom.

AXIOM EXPLORATION GROUP LTD. is an employee-owned private company with its corporate head office located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Established in 2011, AXIOM GROUP is a technology focused, vertically integrated, consulting firm providing a diverse set of technical services within, and integrated across, each of our three main divisions: Exploration, Geophysics & Geomatics, Environment & Energy Services. These core divisions are supported by our in-house R&D, AI, and ML technology. 

At AXIOM, we consider our consultation process as transformational rather than transactional, and we pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to delivering outcomes that ensure the continued successes of our clients.

Exploration: Team of Geoscientists providing geological & geophysical field services, technical reviews & reporting and resource modelling and estimation. Exploration often acts as in-house exploration team for clients.Geophysics and Remote Sensing: Specializes in utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and manned aircraft for Remote Sensing (LiDAR, spectral analysis, magnetics, electromagnetics, photogrammetry, GPR, and more)Environment & Energy: Provides multi-disciplinary environmental services for industrial, municipal, forestry, energy, and agriculture sectors, including climate science, Carbon Credit quantification, GHG emissions analysis, CO2 accounting, and offsetting. 

Exploration Division Services 

  • Geological Field ServicesExploration Program Design & Management

  • Exploration Permitting

  • Contract Project Managers, Geologists & Geological Technicians

  • Drill Target Generation & DesignSurficial / Subsurface Geological MappingCore Logging & Sampling

  • Procurement, Drill Contracting & Service Provider Management

  • Prospecting, Field Sampling & Claim Staking

  • Geological Interpretations of Geophysical DataIntegration of Geology, Geochemistry & Geophysics

  • Integration of Historical Datasets with Current Surveys

  • Recommendations for Future Geophysical Surveys

  • Drill Targeting & Pierce Point Identification

Technical Reviews & Reporting

Axiom has an experienced team of professionals that can accurately provide any level of project management, supervision, field work, report generation or data compilation.

Including: historical data compilation and interpretation, assessment, and technical reporting; and the development and implementation of policy and procedures. Axiom's specialized team has your needs covered.

  • Assessment Reports & Filings

  • NI 43-101 Compliant Reporting

  • Land Assessments / Evaluations

  • Data Compilation / Conversion / Interpretation

  • Database Management & Data Validation

  • Historic Data Verification & Analysis

  • Policy & Procedure Generation / Implementation

G&R Division - Product & Service Offerings 

LiDAR: Drone, Helicopter & Fixed Wing (High to Low Density)

  • Digital Elevation/ Surface Models (DEM/ D SM), slope analysis, drainage analysis, powerline inspection, forestry applications, volumetrics

Photogrammetry: Drone & Fixed Wing

  • Site Inspections, Orth mosaics, Digital Elevation/ Surface Models (DEM/ D SM),Volumetrics, Stockpile Volumes, Cut & Fill Analysis, Cross Sections, & Grading Profiles

Spectral Analysis: Satellite, Drone & Fixed Wing

  • Crop Health Analysis, Pest & Invasive Species Detection, Species Classification & Stand Discrimination, Biomass & Growth Monitoring, Mineral Exploration, Hydrocarbon Detection, Environmental Remediation

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Delineating Subsurface Structures, Ground Water Investigation, Locating Buried Objects or Cavities, Ice Road Integrity Surveys

Magnetics: Ground, Drone, Helicopter

Electromagnetics: Ground, Drone, Helicopter, Borehole

Mineral Exploration, Locating Buried Pits or Sumps, Subsurface Contamination Mapping, Locating Buried Metal or Other Conductive Objects

Xcite™ is a new generation of helicopter-borne time-domain electromagnetic (HTDEM) systems, developed by New Resolution Geophysics (NRGT) and operated by Axiom. A patented inflatable bird has been developed as a carrier for the system. The Xcite-HTDEM system has many benefits like time gates are selected post flight, thereby ensuring that data presentations can be tailored for all target or application requirements.

Induced Polarization (IP) Surveys

Geophysical Consulting: Review of Historical Data, Planning and Managing Geophysical Programs, Modeling and Interpreting Geophysics for smaller exploration companies that does not have a Geophysicist on staff.

Environment & Energy Division Overview

Environment & Energy provides broad and multi-disciplinary environmental services for industrial, municipal, forestry, and agricultural sectors, including climate science, greenhouse gas emissions inventory and mitigation, and carbon sequestration, accounting, and offsetting.

Axiom's traditional Environmental Services offerings support projects across all divisions in the fields of:

  • Permitting and approvals, environmental impact assessment and planning, baseline surveys, ecological inventory and surveys

  • Environmental protection and mitigation

  • Regulatory performance compliance monitoring

  • Closure/post closure monitoring.

Risk and liability management, contaminated sites management, abandonment, remediation, and reclamation; and watershed management, water and wastewater quality and treatment, hydrology, limnology, and effluent and tailings management

Oil and Gas sector for:

  • Right of way vegetation/ invasive weeds/ grasslands management using LiDAR and satellite/ drone based spectral analysis.

  • Emissions monitoring capabilities using satellite and UAV-based technology and sensors (e.g., methane detection, magnetometer for identification of buried infrastructure such as flow lines, and LiDAR for stability and surface erosion/shifting).

Energy has expanded into the Middle East with direct access to the UAE and Saudi Arabia oil and gas market. Axiom has a senior professional contract employee in Saudi Arabia with > 30 years of exploration geoscience, and research and development experience in the O&G sector. Axiom offers Canadian-based enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies to the Arabian Peninsula, and currently looking at ways to incorporate existing remote sensing geophysical capabilities to O&G and (technology-based) environmental projects in the area. 

How Environment Benefits From G&R Technologies 

  • Most recently Axiom has successfully developed and applied satellite and aerial (UAV) analysis, machine learning, and predictive modellingwhich has differentiated our service offerings across our key focus sectors

  • Clients looking for higher tech and more efficient offerings 

Agricultural Sector

  • Utilizing satellite imaging to identify soil quality conditions for farming operations including crop disease detection, vegetation growth and health metrics metals stressed vegetation, and forage

  • Large opportunity identified in the crop insurance market (imagery pre and post disaster events) 

Partnership with Olds College and Glacial Farms (Lanham) who are validating outcomes, assisting with marketing product offering and assisting in development of new applications given their knowledge of the sector.

Forestry Sector

  • Utilizing satellite and LiDAR based imaging to species identification and quantification of forest metrics, remote merchantable timber calculations, biomass and carbon sequestration models, forest fire and fuel load modelling).

  • Successfully completed proof of concept project for Gov’t SK Ministry of Environment (Forestry Branch) with very strong results.

  • Government requested to present outcomes of the study in the U.S.

  • Large opportunity for forest management companies; incumbent technology is boots in the forest

  • Government of SK has to re-inventory every 10 years; near term opportunity; we are only service offering in province 

Oil and Gas Sector

  • Right of way vegetation/ invasive weeds/ grasslands management using LiDAR and satellite/ drone based spectral analysis.

  • Completed Phase 1 project for Cenovus and preliminarily results presented to SK government:

  • Phase 2 currently in progress, the full results will be presented to government for approval as acceptable monitoring method.

  • Potential is significant and represents large and growing annual recurring revenue opportunity with no competitors

  • Emissions monitoring capabilities using satellite and UAV-based technology and sensors (e.g., methane detection, magnetometer for performance compliance monitoring; identification of buried infrastructure such as flow lines, and LiDAR for stability and surface erosion/shifting). 

Mining and Industrial Sector

  • Closure and post closure monitoring of erosion and revegetation/ reclamation activities using LiDAR, satellite and drone spectral analysis. • exclusive use for remote mining locations.

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