About us
An International Distribution Network

KRTL International Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of KRTL Holding Group Inc. (OTC: KRTL), is an organization recently designated as a foreign advisor for the Industrial Hemp Special Regulatory Free Zone in South Korea.


This opportunity has opened partnerships for a seed bank development program with royalty potential, introduction of an exclusive distribution agreement for THC remediation technology, and an agreement with exclusive rights to our clients for the utilization of satellite imaging to identify soil quality conditions for farming operations including crop disease detection, vegetation growth and health metrics metals stressed vegetation, and forage as some examples.

KRTL International is a global organization with international reach, currently working on the distribution of diverse products in multiple markets through strategic alliances formed. We offer a service that is both innovative and applicable to a wide range of industries.

With new projects in place, we can take advantage of currency devaluations, market fluctuations, international supply, and demand, and with our partnerships, create sustainable ventures.

KRTL can consult and collaborate with governments, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO), public, and private companies and develop economic growth through the emergence of new sectors.

Our Team

Corporate Officers

Kai Kim.webp
Kai Kim
Chief Executive Officer
Cesar Herrera.webp
Cesar Herrera
Director of Acquisitions
Tony Hernandez.webp
Mario Anthony Hernandez
Vice-President / Corporate Secretary
Jonathan Endman
Legal Advisor

Corporate Advisors

Joshua Reyes
Strategic Advisor
headshot DV_edited.jpg
David Victorson
Strategic Advisor
Nick Photo_edited.jpg
Nicholas Sprung
Strategic Advisor
LES main cropped 2MP.png
Lester Salvatierra
Strategic Advisor
Ron Delgado
Strategic Advisor
Jill Narcisco
Strategic Advisor

 Strategic  Development  Advisors

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Arturo Corral
Strategic Advisor
Abrahan Almaguer
Strategic Advisor
Najim Merikhi
Strategic Advisor
Clint Larsen
Strategic Advisor

Marketing Advisory

Luis F Ramirez
Strategic Advisor
Kelin Balian
Strategic Advisor