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Cesar Herrera

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cesar Herrera, through his experience he has been able to penetrate many diverse industries ranging from the financial, including real estate, and the brokering of major industrial fundraisings, Cannabis and Psilocybin industries to Mining. Cesar Herrera has successfully worked his way through these markets by capitalizing on the worldwide network he has assembled over the years through his business relationships.

Mr. Herrera is also a major fundraiser for construction transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his 26-year tenure as a Real estate and loan broker. Cesar's passion for business makes him a leader that investors have come to trust for his fiduciary duty and this trust has quickly catapulted Mr. Herrera into diversified public company roles such as COO, Chairman of the Board and CEO of multiple companies and is respected around the globe in all his dealings.

Cesar Herrera is an active member of the National Association of Realtors and holds two state licenses for both Real Estate and Construction Sales. Cesar Herrera is also an active member of the Mycology Society.

Cesar Herrera
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