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Huella Singani


KRTL International Corp. is excited they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in which KRTL International can license a uniquely exclusive drink from Bolivia, Huella Singani. The territories include United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. 

History of Singani

Singani is a Bolivian alcoholic drink, of the grape brandy family. It is made from the distillation of the Muscat of the Alexandria grape wine. During the colonial era, after the expansion of silver mining in the rich center of Potosi, the Spanish began the cultivation of life in the valleys south of Potosi and the center of the Tarija valley. The winemaking process was complex, due to the geographical and climate conditions, as well as its conservation Given this, they opted for the distillation of wine, which served to make a spirit drink that would be known as "Singani".

Huella’s Commitment to Sustainability 

Huella Singani is committed to nature, and this can be seen in every bottle we make. Each bottle is made of 10kg of grapes, during the harvest the grapes pass through diverse selection processes, then they go to the grinding process, fermentation, clarification, double artisanal distillation in improved French stills and then rest between 4-6 months, obtaining the perfect balance between flavor, aroma, and alcoholic hit on the palette. Our process is 100% ecological down to our bottles that are made from 100% ecological glass.

Founded in Paicho - Tarija, located 85 km from the city and 5,200 feet above sea level, this beautiful land is the origin of our Singani. Huella is the only Singani with a 100% sustainable footprint, looking to leave its mark on the world.

The Huella Story​

Each of us have a greater purpose in life, which is to leave a mark, or a footprint (Huella). In every step we take, whether it be business or pleasure, we have a purpose to leave a mark. That is why we decided to enter the world of spirits, so we could leave footprints at family gatherings, with friends, couples, all unique and special moments, with the goal to create memories that will live in the hearts of our consumers.

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