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Clint Larsen

Geneticist & Development

Clint Larsen is a commercial, and industrial developer with over 30 years of experience internationally. His recent expertise is in the cannabis indoor grow greenhouse arena. His early building experience began in the South Pacific, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia building different commercial structures. Clint continued his ongoing certification via international schools for structural engineering through various non-profit programs from 1988 through 1992 and completed his final structural development work in Guam. Clint later obtained a Horticulture Master Grower’s status in the early 2000s that allowed him to participate in the development of the commercial nursery industry. Clint currently creates and works for two successful cannabis companies which includes being a seedbank engineer and designing an eco-friendly indoor growing facility.


During Mr. Larsen’s youth, he was raised in Oregon and a large ranch. This played a major role in his fascination for agriculture. He achieved multiple State Championship Placements for the FFA (Future Farmers of America Organization).  His experience is summarized below:


·        1988-1992, enrolled in international building schools through various nonprofits for structural engineering and graduated with honors 1992

·        1992–99, Worked as an estimator for a multi-national construction company in Guam.

·        1999-2007, worked in the commercial agricultural industry with nurseries, and operated large scale industrial farms in Oregon. Clint also obtained a grower’s certification and a contractor’s state license in 2001.

·        2008-2013 Clint focused on eco-friendly indoor smart farming and mastered hydroponics systems, aeroponics and soil grows. As the Agri-Tech Industry developed, and new building applications and equipment became available, Clint successfully introduced growing state of the art techniques. Later, some of those techniques would become an industry standard, like airflow, high humidity, and light deprivation.

·        2014-2018, Clint was one of the individuals who spear headed the CBD movement in Colorado and began building and developing a state-of-the-art greenhouse for a cannabis company. Within a few months, Clint obtained a building permit and a certificate of occupancy for a structure located at above ten thousand feet in elevation.

·        2018-2019, Clint began engineering a high-quality feminized CBD seed bank that was immune to male hemp pollen that was plaguing the industry in most of Colorado. Clint successfully created multiple strains of CBD & CBG and is now also a partner with a successful lab.

Clint Larsen
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