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Sumeet Kamat

Systems Development


• Object Oriented PHP / MySQL web application developer

• Over 12 years of LAMP development experience

• Extensive experience in backend programming using MySQL, MongoDB and PL/SQL that includes stored procedures, triggers, and cursors.

• Extensive experience in Linux, Windows and network administration including high traffic networking and load balancing technique.

• Highly skilled in designing user-centric interfaces for customized applications using JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON.

• Strong background working with cross-functional teams in the design, development, and quality control of applications, systems, and databases.

• Co-authored two papers submitted to international press conferences and numerous technical reports and presentations.


Master of Science  Major in Computer Science (GPA: 3.8 / 4.0)

University of Missouri, Rolla (UMR)

Bachelor of Engineering  Major in Computer Engineering (GPA: 4.0 / 4.0)

VD Patil College, University of Mumbai, India


Languages PHP, Python, C++, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Ember.js, Node.js

Tools Oracle HTML DB, Rational Rose RT, SVN, GIT

O. S Linux, Windows, VxWorks

Databases MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server

Networking Protocol OSI, TCP/IP


Panasonic Avionics (Senior Software Engineer – MTS IV) June 16 – Present (Aug 16)

Environment: PHP, Python, Linux, MySQL, Ember.js, MongoDB, Zend framework.

• Primarily responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining reports on usage patterns of passengers on inflight entertainment systems in commercial airlines.

• Design and implement reporting applications using PHP/Python and Ember.js with MySQL and MongoDB backend for over 1000 aircrafts and 50K flights per month.

• Developed RESTful APIs that allow data sharing among applications used by different teams and customers of the company.

• Maintenance and upgrading old web services from PHP/ZF1, MySQL to PHP/ZF2, MySQL, MongoDB and Ember.js making them more scalable.

Admedia (Senior Software Developer) Sep 07 – June 16

Environment: PHP, Linux, MySQL, JavaScript, Web Services, PL/SQL, XML/XSL, HTML.

Worked as a Senior Software Developer for an online marketing company named Admedia Inc.

• Developed and implemented a 24/7 high availability XML/RTB system using PHP-Memcached, Redis, Linux, Apache, Elasticsearch, MySQL and MongoDB to support online advertiser base that facilitates 2 billion+ searches a day.

• Developed and implemented behavioral retargeting algorithm for returning users based on prior behavior on web pages.

• Developed and implemented click forensic algorithms for quantization of online advertisement, improving traffic quality, identifying patterns in web traffic and implementing solutions to filter click fraud.

• Developed and implemented an AI algorithm that spiders web pages to analyze content and monetizes web traffic via intext, contextual and banner ads.

• Implemented a publisher-advertiser bucket system that automatically scores traffic and assigns advertisers to sites based on traffic quality.

• Integrated ad serving platform with other 3rd party platforms like Appnexus, RightMedia Exchange, LiveRail and Adap.TV using RESTful APIs.

• Design and implemented web analytic algorithms for automatic click adjustment for publishers based on advertiser conversions.

• Creating user interfaces for validating credit card transactions using payment APIs.

• Played a major role in development of Web-based distributed applications, databases, organizational websites and other projects.

• Played a lead role in designing numerous reporting tools to track revenue for accounting and management.

• Developed an ad serving publisher-advertiser platform for syndication purposes.

• Identified and implemented SEO techniques to increase natural traffic to websites.

• Developed web applications/products that work consistently across different browsers.

• Normalized database tables and performed extensive query optimizations.

• Responsible for coordinating with technical teams and reporting status to management.

Netmore Internet Inc. (Software Engineer/ Developer) May 06 – Sep 07

Environment: Oracle HTML DB, JavaScript, MS SQL 2000, MYSQL, Web Services, PL/SQL, XML/XSL, Envox CT ADE v8.4, HTML, PHP, ASP.

Worked as a Software Engineer for Netmore Internet Inc.

• Worked on providing software solutions to MVNOs.

• Involved in designing specific application suites using ASP .NET, PHP, Oracle HTML DB and Envox CT ADE.

• Designed implemented and maintained SQL Server and Oracle databases for various projects and functionalities of the organization.

• Developed database utilities, writing SQL queries, stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and cursors to query the database and run applications.

Qualution Systems Inc. (Software Engineer) March 06 – May 06

Worked as a Software Test Engineer for Qualution Systems Inc.

• Major responsibility included analyzing and writing detailed specifications and Test Requirements using Test Director.

• Test GUI and web-based applications using compiled modules and functions (TSL) in Mercury WinRunner.

• Use QTP to automate the functionality test cases.

o Conduct data driven testing using QTP scripts

o Leveraged expertise with SQL to conduct backend testing

• Performance testing using LoadRunner.

• Planning execution and Bug Tracking using Test Director.

University of Missouri, Rolla (Graduate Research Assistant) Jan 05 – Dec 05

Environment: HTML, CSS, MATLAB, XML, Dreamweaver 8, Flash, Latex, Adobe Photoshop, Win NT/2000/XP, UNIX, MS-Excel, MS Access, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10g.

Worked as a Research Assistant for the Chemistry department

• Designed and maintained the Chemistry Department intranet website, using HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript and Adobe Photoshop.

• Designed database schema using SQL Server 2000

• Worked on Oracle stored procedures, wrote triggers and queries for data manipulation using Oracle 10g.

• Responsible for writing programs in MATLAB 6.5 for generating figures and graphs.

• Converting plain text and word documents to postscript forms using LATEX

• Co-authored a paper “Isotopes Tell Sun’s Origin and Operation” for submission to FCC conference in Portugal

• Co-authored “The Sun is a Plasma Diffuser that sorts atoms by mass” for submission to ICNNPP in Russia.

University of Missouri, Rolla (Graduate Teaching Assistant) Aug 05 – Dec 05

Environment : Algorithms, C/C++, Latex

Worked as a Teaching Assistant of the CS department core course, Analysis of Algorithms.

• Responsible for analyzing and grading algorithms, homework, reading assignments, research papers, presentations and projects designed by students, maintaining grades.

Larsen & Toubro Inft., Mumbai (Software Engineer Trainee) May 04 – July 04

Environment: C/C++, Java, Oracle, MS Access, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML

Worked as a software engineer trainee at the LNT Infotech, on UNIX and Linux machines, programming in C, C++, Java, VB, SQL, and study of software packages like MS Office and Adobe Photoshop.

Automatic verification system: It checks the settings of an electronic device thereby achieving co-ordination with various electronic devices used in the system. The software provides a GUI, maintains backend database that stores information about the different types of elements in the system and outputs a graphical representation of the characteristics of the system based on the selected settings that allows the user to decide if the designed system is safe.

• Involved in the Requirement Analysis, design, coding, and implementation of the project.

• Worked with end users and Quality Assurance team members to resolve bugs and change requests

Nuclear Power Corporation of India, BARC (Intern) May 03 – March 04

Environment: C/C++, UML, Rational Rose RT

UML Modeling for Rational Rose RT: Worked on a project at the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL), on the design and implementation of a real-time operating system using Rational Rose RT.

• In-depth study of VxWorks operating system written in C and C++.

• Design UML use case specifications for the modified algorithms

• Design and develop domain and the design class models for the operating system.

• Model the system sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, state-chart, activity and deployment diagrams in UML using Rational Rose RT.


• Implementation of a full cycle of a given business case in SAP R/3

• Configuration of FI/CO, MM & SD modules in SAP R/3 for a fictitious company.

• Mining of data from a data set containing 150 million records using data mining techniques and tools such as Weka, C4.5, MS Excel & neural network concepts

• Detection of change in web pages using Java and XML and the design of an algorithm that makes use of SQL operations to manage these changes. It also involved an in-depth study of the different existing change detection tools such as X-Diff, XyDiff & XRel.

• Implementation of a Fully Automated Banking System using VB & Oracle 8i.

• Design of Library Management System as a part of coursework using C++ & VB.

• Design of a 2-D Car racing game using C & C++.

Sumeet Kamat
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