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David Victorson

Cultivation & Logistics

David Victorson developed, owned, and operated inpatient and outpatient healthcare programs in California, Delaware, Florida, and Ohio for both adult and adolescent dual diagnosis patients suffering from addiction and underlying psychiatric problems. Currently he is a partner in CBD Streets promoting wellness products.

As an Investment Project Consultant, he organized the business structure for a gold mining investment project.  He drafted investment prospectus and business plan with input from legal, accounting, insurance, and land management specialists.  Mr. Victorson found operating partners for underground mining, processing, transportation, and refining. Identified and secured investors.

In other projects, he developed and audited business plans.  He secured private capital multiple times, for example, with one project alone, he raised in the first tranche, $8 million fund to explore gas wells in Utah.  David also arbitrated ownership disputes among partners and coordinated multiple applications to market compressed earth block technology.

During his career in the Healthcare field, he served as Vice President of Business Development where he developed a dynamic marketing program which allowed Focus Healthcare to surpass its competition in a highly competitive sector of the Healthcare market.  Mr. Victorson negotiated a joint venture with a major hospital organization, resulting in the infusion of venture capital investment. Acquired four hospitals, which resulted in a stand-alone company.

Mr. David Victorson is an accomplished author, 37 Tons, a Cannabis activist focus on social responsibility, a prison reform activist focus on releasing nonviolent offenders related to Cannabis, and a commercial and Investment real estate professional.

David Victorson
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