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Daniel Ball

Strategic Advisor

Daniel has a long history of leading, innovating, and finding creative growth-driven solutions to strategically expand early brands resulting in numerous successful startups and many new award-winning team launches. Recently he helped lead an Oregon Cannabis Testing Lab from startup in early-stage from $325k in annual revenue to over $1.8 million in 13 months while navigating complex and quickly changing regulation, product marketplace inconsistency, and strict ORELAP and OLCC guidelines. He also co-founded and launched what is now the US’s largest military only online sports and gaming leagues, he’s built over 10 award-winning technology teams for T-Mobile in the private sector and managed over $250 million of ground and airborne assets while serving as an Army Non-Commissioned Officer for an intelligence-based counterterrorism unit on the government side earning several above rank accolades.

He has a strong understanding of strengths-based performance management, lean growth practices, an expert understanding of technology integration, and an industry-leading knowledge of the Oregon, California, and Colorado recreational, medical, and hemp markets.

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