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Arturo Corral

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Corral is most known for his ability to be able to build large scale grow facilities for over 15years and field land management. Arturo has worked with companies like United cannabis, Straylight farms, and other large-scale established companies. In 2018 alone, Arturo led a project that cultivated and harvested 660 acres for United cannabis in 2018.

In 2019 Arturo harvested 300 acres in Southern Co mostly by hand. In 2020 he was approached by the state of Oregon to help their local farms save millions lost due to a fungal plague that was destroying their plants. That year in Oregon he harvested over 800 acres and oversaw over 500 employees working 24 hours around the clock to try and save as much product as possible.

Most of Arturo’s work is facilitated by interfacing directly with farms on building a regimen that works ideally for their land. From knowing the climate to testing soils and water to determine exact genetics that will work best in the client’s geographic region. Arturo emphasizes efficiency and building a strong plan to make sure that every penny is extracted off the field and all product is harvested. Having worked with virtually every genetics known in the United States he understands exactly how and what is needed for each harvest.

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