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The Path to a Sustainable Future... Our Journey Begins.

Green Roofs

Better for People, Better for the Planet...

KRTL International Corp. (OTC: KRTL), a subsidiary of KRTL Holding Group Inc., is a global consulting and distribution company. Our core competencies include identifying and capitalizing on strategic undervalued assets, disruptive technologies, and infrastructure development. We are committed to providing exceptional services to clients worldwide, leveraging our extensive industry expertise and experience.

Distribution of  Technology

A proactive approach involves promoting sustainability initiatives, driving profitability, advocating for social governance, and championing environmental preservation. KRTL International, through its diverse network and extensive project involvement, is well positioned to distribute advanced agricultural and disruptive technologies. Leveraging strategic partnerships and a distribution framework, KRTL can consult and promote these technologies to reach sectors and regions, supporting global sustainability efforts and the 2030 agenda.

Data-Powered Sustainability

A data-driven approach is essential for improving sustainability in crop farming, mining, and other sectors. By leveraging advanced data analytics and innovative technologies, we can optimize resource use, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. KRTL International, in collaboration with partners like AXIOM, is actively involved in this sector. Through these partnerships, we harness the power of data to drive sustainable practices, enhance productivity, and support long-term environmental and economic goals.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an integrated approach to managing landscapes, including cropland, livestock, forests, and fisheries, to address the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change. CSA aims to increase agricultural productivity and incomes, build resilience to climate change, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. KRTL International, through its strategic partnerships, is well-equipped to contribute to CSA initiatives. By collaborating with industry leaders and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, KRTL can support the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices, enhance resource efficiency, and promote environmental stewardship. These efforts ensure that we meet the growing demand for food while mitigating the impacts of climate change..

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Transforming the World...



Inception of Sustainable Agenda

The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by 2030



Sustainable Development Goals Report Issued

Provides an overview of implementation efforts to date...

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